Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Magic Mint

Post partum weight loss has not been the easiest for me.  Although, for the past month or so, I have really been making a concerted effort to eat smaller portions of carbohydrates, to increase my salad intake, to minimize snacking on baked goods and to walk ~3-4 times a week for about ~35 minutes. Gradually and steadily the pounds are melting off one by one. Last week I ate especially healthy, so this past Saturday evening when it came time to decide what to eat, I told Dean that I wanted to continue the trend by eating a salad at home. However, we ended eating In n Out burgers, which was a terrible idea (albeit it was my own- Dean wanted to give me a break from preparing dinner at home and suggested we eat out. I suggested In n Out since I know how much he likes it, plus it is very well priced.  I also figured since I had been eating healthily, I could splurge a little on the weekend.).

Later that night, I was awoken out of my slumber by an intense feeling of nausea. I am not the type who throws up but I really felt like the only way that I would feel better, would be to do so.  I got out of bed and moaned to Dean how nauseous I felt and tried several times to throw up (except when I was in labor-that is a story for another time). It was not working and all I wanted was that horrible feeling to abate. Dean suggested I try brushing my teeth since toothpaste contains mint which usually helps diminish feelings of nausea. At my request he ended up washing some mint leaves from my herb planter box. I chewed on a few pieces and it really helped. I no longer felt sick and was able to go back to bed.

Lessons learned- Don't eat a hamburger and fries after a week of eating really really healthy! Mint really does help to reduce nausea. I must try it for morning sickness the next time I am pregnant.

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Tallulah@Bilingual Babes said...

What a great discovery! I'll remember that next time my kids are sick. And how fab that you had fresh mint on standby!