Friday, October 5, 2012

Doggie Dilemna

What to do to celebrate five years of marriage when you have a six month old and a dog?
Take a day trip to San Diego.

My husband and I originally wanted to spend a weekend there. After doing some research about places (Cabrillo State Monument and the Torrey Pines Nature Reserve) that we wanted to visit, we eventually realized (too late) that it just wouldn't have been feasible since our dog would have had to stay in the car. Though it was already the end of September, it still would have been too hot and we could not have left her at the hotel since the check in time was later on in the day. So we left the dog at home and cancelled our hotel reservation. After a late start to the morning, we drove down and hit our main stop: Cabrillo National Monument. The monument was built to commemorate Juan Cabrillo, the first (recorded) European to land on the West Coast of the present-day United States.

It was a gorgeous day as you can see in the photos below.
Mama and Bébé:  
Views from outside the visitor Center: 

A shot of the Cabrillo monument which overlooks the Pacific, with Papa and Bébé.


There is also a lighthouse that visitors can check out:

A family photo over looking the tide pools that are part of the state park:

We also drove down to see the tide pools:
Lesson learned from planning this trip: Find a dog sitter when dogs are not allowed!

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