Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bébé's backpack

I know some moms are totally against using a harness/"leash" on their toddlers. I never really thought much about them and was pretty much ambivalent towards them until bébé started not just walking but running! I blogged about how one time I was in the parking lot somewhere, trying to dig into my bottomless pit of a bag for my keys while at the same time trying to keep bébé from running into moving cars.  It was nearly impossible but fortunately we survived that incident.

Then I took her to the mall one time. We had been sick that week so we hadn't had play dates much less really been out of our complex so I had thought the mall would be a good place for us to go. It would be a change of scenery with people to whom we wouldn't be in close contact and thus would unlikely spread germs. Well, when we arrived bébé wouldn't really hold my hand, nor would she stay close to me. She kept wanting to run around (surprise, surprise) especially into stores to hide. She was also quite interested in the escalator which we rode up and down a couple of times together but I was still worried that she would make a mad dash for it and I wouldn't be able to catch up with her in time.

We also had an incident at Target where she would scream while she was in the shopping cart. But when I let her down to help me push the shopping cart (which she likes to do), she would also take off. She thought it was hilarious when I had to chase her down the aisles to try to get to her all the while pushing the shopping cart.

That is when I decided to get the harness for her.  It is not like I don't pay attention to her and where she is at all times but it just gives me a little peace of mind that she can't run/hide too far from me.  The one I decided to get her also doubles as a backpack which I like a lot. Now that she is a little older I don't feel like I have to bring my diaper bag with me EVERYWHERE like I did when she was younger,  since she doesn't need to be changed as often now. So it is nice that I can stick some of her food and water bottle in the backpack and have her carry it.

 Some pics of her with the harness while we were walking around our complex last month.

What do you think? To harness or not to harness?

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