Monday, August 5, 2013

Tiramisu Tip

My favorite dessert is tiramisu. I have had a hard time finding a place that makes it according to my liking. Usually there is way too much whipped cream and not enough of the ladyfingers, if there are included at all. Sometimes bakeries make a tiramisu flavored cake and try to pass it off as tiramisu but I can't be fooled. My favorite part is the ladyfingers soaked with just enough of the coffee and rum. 

Since it was my birthday this past week, I decided to make myself some tiramisu. I had made it before with a friend but this was my first time making it on my own. It turned out decently.  While I was making it, I felt like the ladyfingers needed to be soaked in more of the coffee and rum. I decided to just follow the recipe exactly. It was my first time using this recipe and I didn't want to deviate especially since it got good reviews. Also, when I tried one of the ladyfingers that had already been soaking, it did taste delicious. In fact I realized that for next time I am craving tiramisu, all I need to do is just eat ladyfingers soaked in rum and coffee. My taste buds were perfectly satisfied by just that combination!

I brought the tiramisu to church later on that evening and everyone seemed to like it. There was only a tiny sliver left by the end of the evening. But when I tried it, I felt like it did indeed need more of the coffee and rum. So next time I will add a little more of both. I had also made bread pudding for the kids and I actually liked it better since the bread was very moist due to the milk, egg, sugar, vanilla mixture in which it was soaked.  I think next time I will splash a little bit of rum into the bread pudding especially if it is for just adults.

I learned two things while making desserts on Sunday:

1. Ladyfingers soaked in rum and coffee make a perfectly good substitute for tiramisu (at least for my taste buds).

2. Coffee and cream spiked with a little bit of rum is very tasty! I decided to try the spiked coffee drink while I was making the tiramisu since I had a big bottle of rum on the counter staring at me in the face, begging to be used in something. 

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