Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY-T-shirt transformation

Update- Voilà a photo of the transformed T-shirt:
I had sewn a cinched waist so as to hide my post-partum belly bulge. Unfortunately, it is still a little too big to be hidden.  Ideally if I lose the extra skin/fat around my stomach area, then the shirt will give me the illusion of more of a waist.

Original post below:
For the longest time I have had a purple skirt with an Indian fabric inspired motif for which I have been trying to find the perfect top to wear.  Because it is on the conservative side length-wise, I wanted to have a funkier top to balance it out. I could have worn a plain regular gray T-shirt or even a tank top but I wanted something more visually interesting. So I had been on the lookout for a gray off-the shoulder top that is cinched at the waist. I found some possibilities here and here. But the first one was not the right color and the second one was not the right price. Plus I was thinking of something short sleeved.

For a couple months now, I have had an idea brewing in my mind of transforming an oversized gray T-shirt that I already own into what I wanted. The image below is similar to my original T-shirt (I forgot to take a picture before I started sewing).
First what I did was to cut around the collar to give it an off-the-shoulder look. Just google off the shoulder t-shirts DIY and there is a plethora of videos to show you how to do it. 

Then I pinned the sides (wrong side out*) as seen in the photo below. I know it is very faint; I need to improve my photo taking skills. The image below only shows one side pinned but I pinned the other side as a mirror image.

Close up shot which hopefully you can see a little better:

A couple days later I finally had the time to do some sewing (life with a toddler means time most often is not your own) and this is what it looked like wrong side out. 

Overall I liked how it turned out except when bending over, my entire front would be exposed. I wanted an off-the-shoulder look NOT a see-down-my-shirt look. So I toyed with the idea of making the collar an elastic one. But then I realized all I had to do would be to sew the top of the sleeves a little bit in order to make the neckline a little smaller. See below for how I pinned it (wrong side out). The image below shows only one sleeve pinned but I pinned both sleeves the same way.

*Note-When I say that I pinned my shirt wrong side out, it was actually not inside out. My original T-shirt had a design on the front that I didn't like so I actually wanted my transformed shirt to be worn inside out (I don't mind the "deconstructed look") so that it would be a plain gray shirt as opposed to a gray shirt with a design on it. Thus if you don't like the deconstructed look, then you should pin and sew your shirt inside out so that all the seams will not be seen when you wear your shirt right-side out.

Stay tuned for a photo of the transformed shirt once I have a chance to wear it and have my hubby take a photo.

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