Tuesday, July 23, 2013


A few months ago I told my husband that I had a confession to make.  He was all ears and so I said it, "I think Anne Hathaway is annoying." He said that that was not at all what he was expecting to hear. Hehe, I am sure he was glad that it wasn't something else that I had to confess. Anyway, a few months ago, I was watching one of those entertainment shows and I learned that apparently I am not the only one who sees the Academy Award winning actress in the same light. In fact some people actually really hate her so much that there is a nickname for them "Hathahaters".

The NY Times article that I linked and which talks about the "Hathahaters" says that people hate her for the following reasons, "She is not a real person." "She is so affected and actressy." Also she is too perfect and “We simply don’t find successful ‘perfect’ women all that likable.” I realized why  one reason I find her annoying is because she seems like an eager beaver, one who tries too hard. 
As I was thinking about it though, why should I find someone who is eager and tries hard to be annoying? If anything shouldn't we admire people who are passionate about something and try really hard for it? 

In a lot of things in life I have a very blasé attitude almost to the point of being jaded. I want to get more excited about things but then I am afraid of getting disappointed so I keep my emotions at bay and avoid getting involved.  In comparison, I would rather be one who gets excited about something and puts my heart into it because then at least something great could come out of the effort. But because of my blasé attitude, I know I am missing out. 

Another reason why I have had a hard time liking her is because my judgmental (and probably jealous) self doesn't think she deserves all the attention and the fuss since she does not have the classically glamorous Hollywood actress-look.  To me she seems more like the "drama geek" type that the NY Times article references.  I am not saying that this is right but I am making a confession after all.  Examining my (wrong) attitude toward her, obviously reminds me again of how God wants us to see people through His eyes as opposed to our eyes which have been corrupted by worldly opinions. And not just her, but everyone that God has put in my life, He wants me to see through His eyes. The hard part is to figure out what seeing people through His eyes looks like and how that translates into practical interactions with people such as family members with whom one has not always had the best relationship. 

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