Thursday, July 18, 2013

Star Skater Spotting

I found out from one of the moms in my playgroup that the LA Kings practices in a town nearby. We had originally wanted to have a playgroup outing there so that we could watch them since it is open to the public. Unfortunately the weeks that we had wanted to go, they weren't practicing because they hadn't advanced in the playoffs. Later on, one of them moms found out that we can actually watch world class ice skaters while they practice their routines there. So two of us moms went (though our playgroup has four moms it is always hard to coordinate nap schedules for everyone to make it) and got to see several ice skaters one of whom was Evan Lysacek, the 2010 Olympic Gold Champion.

Though I stopped following ice skating a long time ago, I still really enjoyed watching the skaters do their jumps and spins just a few hundred feet away from us.  The most memorable part of the outing though was when I was walking to the parking lot and trying to get my keys out of my black hole of a bag at the same that bébé (who is now quite a walker AND runner) wanted to explore the area which included cars driving by. It was nearly impossible to hang on to her while also digging through my bag. My lesson learned that day was to always get my keys out BEFORE heading out of a building.

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